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Mobilegeddon – Google Mobile Friendly Update Hits

Sounds like the name of an apocalyptic movie title but it isn’t.

Google Mobile Friendly Update is very real and will effect your website and business (if it hasn’t already).

I know what you are thinking,
“here we go again with some hyped up Google update”

Think that at your own risk, the 21st April 2015 has come and gone and considering it has also been referred to as; “Mobilepocalyse, Mopocalypse or Mobocalypse” as well as Mobilegeddon it’s only a matter of time before we start reading reports of big drops in Google search rankings.

Can you afford to gamble and lose business?

I’m Sharing The Greatest Google Algorithm SEO Cheat Sheet

A lot of people think Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is some sort of Dark Art for the chosen few or that it’s just another way for unsuspecting non-tech savy business owners to be ripped off.

Let’s face it, in any business there will always be rogues trying to make quick money by ripping someone off. That’s a sad, frustrating unfortunate truth but you can protect yourself by arming yourself with some knowledge and asking the right questions.

Did you say Google Panda or Kung Fu Panda?

You’ve probably heard Website specialists (Search Engine Optimization and website development people) talking about Google Panda right?

Or maybe you haven’t (glazed over when they started talking all technical?).

Well in any case this has nothing to do with DreamWorks’ animated adventure; Kung Fu Panda. Although it is fair to say that you can definitely feel the pain of being Kung Fu kicked off the 1st page of Google searches when Google Panda does its thing (maybe you’ve experienced this?).

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