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The rush to online

It’s time to get digital. Before COVID-19 hit the world, many traditionalist were maintaining the status quo ignoring the fact that vast numbers of consumers had moved their browsing and purchasing activities online. being in the web rather than on the web. The customer shift to digital. They are looking for products and services through […]

Why a business email address is important to customers

It would appear to be common sense to have a business email address, a no-brainer you might say (well maybe I’m biased being a tech person). However it is surprising to still see a large number of businesses using a personal or Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other email providers instead.

Realizing this particular bias I decided to pose a question to my circle, network and business groups to see if it had any grounding.

Don’t be a Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Puppet

We all build our own knowledge upon the “giants” that came before us to influence the modern world as we know it today.

There would be no Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and Snapchat (to name but a few) without them.

Society has accepted the previously mention innovations using them personally and to promote and market their work/businesses. They are well and truly standing on the shoulders of giants for their own gains.

However, it is amazing to still see a very significant proportion of self employed and small businesses not fully embracing this monumental shift to the Web, Social and more recently the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why haven’t they (you) fully embraced this shift?

Think Your Simple Business Website is Worthless to Hackers? Wrong!

Why would a hacker attack my business website? I don’t have anything valuable. I don’t have credit card details or anything worth stealing.

This single question inevitably resulted in a debate that provided further insight into how business/self-employed people generally see website development and maintenance:

  1. Once a website is built that’s the end. It’s done now so I don’t need to look at it again.
  2. I paid you enough money to build the website so why would I need to keep paying you to look after it? It should just work.
  3. My website isn’t of any value to hackers because I don’t have anything of value to steal.

Needless to say,

“Ignorance is bliss (until something goes wrong, then it sucks)”

If you have a business and have asked this question you need to read this article because your perspective will massively change after reading this.

Don’t be a Dummy Keep Website and Email Separate

It’s common knowledge that a website is a lot more likely to go down than your email.

If you have associated your emails with your website hosting company just so you can have that all important guess what?

If your website goes down, your emails will also stop working!

That’s not great for business because I suspect email is essential for your business operations (it definitely is for me and my clients).

Can you imagine the effect this will have on your suppliers, clients, business partners and the rest.

This isn’t the only reason why you should keep email and your website separate.

What’s my current situation and why do I want to get a website?

If you understand the technical aspects of website development and are bit of a tech geek, this article isn’t for you (sorry).

This article is for people that need and want to get a website, run their own businesses, are experts in their respective fields but don’t have the time to become experts in website design and development.

For people like:

  • Kirsty the flower shop owner,
  • Steve the builder,
  • Paul the car mechanic,
  • Robert the accountant
  • and other self-employed/business owners.

Before you even start looking at the mechanics of getting a website built it is really important for you to understand why you want to be online

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