Don’t be a Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Puppet

“If I have been further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Sir Isaac Newton

“Stand on the shoulders of giants.” – Google

We all build our own knowledge upon the “giants” that came before us to influence the modern world as we know it today.

There would be no Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and Snapchat (to name but a few) without them.

Society has accepted the previously mention innovations using them personally and to promote and market their work/businesses. They are well and truly standing on the shoulders of giants for their own gains.

However, it is amazing to still see a very significant proportion of self employed and small businesses not fully embracing this monumental shift to the Web, Social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat etc) and more recently the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why haven’t they (you) fully embraced this shift?

Well that is a good question and from the discussions we’ve had it is clear that there are two very distinct reasons:

  1. You don’t understand the internet, not knowing its power and where to start.
  2. You are stuck in your ways and don’t see what the big fuss is about.

It’s pretty interesting when the conversation unfolds and one simple question reveals you are missing a big trick.

So, let’s say you need to find a plumber, find a restaurant telephone number or get train times what do you do?

Well, I erm use my phone.

You use Google on your phone or ask friends on Facebook for a recommendation, right?

Oh, well, yeah. I see what you mean now. I’ve never looked at it that way, I get it now.

the first place anyone looks when they need something is Google (I’m sure you found this page using Google on your phone) and having a website lets you to sell your services on your own terms.

Even with this realisation getting a website and online (social media etc) baffles a lot of people because many of us don’t know where to start, being unaware of the tech stuff and worried about being ripped off.

Make sure people can find you online – Facebook isn’t enough

Most people think this simply means having a Facebook page (this is only part of the process).

Having a Facebook page is important but you need to recognize that Facebook doesn’t belong to you and more importantly you don’t control it.

If Facebook (Google, Twitter and LinkedIn for that matter) decide to change something you are at their mercy and this could greatly effect your business if this is the only online asset you have.

Let’s say they decided to start charging you for people to simply find you on Facebook? Or worse still, they decided to charge you for anything you wanted to post.

This could greatly effect your bottom line and is completely out of your control! but don’t just take our word for it Forbes magazine did a piece on it recently; What Do Social Media Algorithms Mean For You? – 20th April 2016

You need to be clever about how you do this and leverage all tools in your arsenal (join groups such as 1create.co.uk Facebook group) because it’s clear that these changes mean engagement is now the crucial No. 1 factor for social media platforms.

It’s also important to understand that using these for business will increasingly mean you have to pay to play.

With most people using Google, Facebook and Twitter to find you it is important to have an online presence including a website (you’re in full control).

That’s what we’re here for – to help artists, photographer, builders and more

We specialize in working with self-employed and small to medium sized businesses.

Working with you to fully understand what you need, removing the worry and confusion so we can get you online with the best solution for you.

A good starting point for those of you that don’t understand websites is to read these short insightful articles:

  1. How your Website Works on the Internet in Plain English.
  2. What’s my current situation and why do I want to get a website?
  3. Step 1: Deciding on a domain name that is good and relevant

We will guide you through all these things and more, putting you at ease and firmly in control.

If you are more aware of these things then feel free to contact us or email kat@websideview.com we’re more than happy to help.

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