Imagine a world without websites like Google or Facebook

Can you imagine a world without Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, heck no websites full stop.

Many of us don’t know a world before the World Wide Web and probably wouldn’t be able to function or find our way around without Google at our beck and call.

It would be like Armageddon!

On April 30th 1993 we, the public entered the Information Age thanks to the frustration of Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the World Wide Web, www).

This was the first website on the world wide web (not much to look at really, I hear you say)

Well that “nothing to look at” is what has lead to the massive change in the world.

Bringing us:

The web has created so many opportunities for everyone, young to old, for both work and pleasure and guess what? its only 23 years old!!

If you’re still not embracing the power of the web with a website for your business you’re risking ending up like the dinosaurs, “outdated and extinct!”

We can’t wait to see what comes next as the Web is still evolving and opportunities continue to present themselves.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee we salute you.

Thanks for getting frustrated and releasing it to the world for free!!

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