Think Your Simple Business Website is Worthless to Hackers? Wrong!

Why would a hacker attack my business website? I don’t have anything valuable. I don’t have credit card details or anything worth stealing.

This single question inevitably resulted in a debate that provided further insight into how business/self-employed people generally see website development and maintenance:

  1. Once a website is built that’s the end. It’s done now so I don’t need to look at it again.
  2. I paid you enough money to build the website so why would I need to keep paying you to look after it? It should just work.
  3. My website isn’t of any value to hackers because I don’t have anything of value to steal.

Needless to say,

“Ignorance is bliss (until something goes wrong, then it sucks)”

If you have a business and have asked this question you need to read this article because your perspective will massively change after reading this.

Don’t be a Dummy Keep Website and Email Separate

It’s common knowledge that a website is a lot more likely to go down than your email.

If you have associated your emails with your website hosting company just so you can have that all important guess what?

If your website goes down, your emails will also stop working!

That’s not great for business because I suspect email is essential for your business operations (it definitely is for me and my clients).

Can you imagine the effect this will have on your suppliers, clients, business partners and the rest.

This isn’t the only reason why you should keep email and your website separate.

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