Beware of fake paypal emails

Watch out for Fake PayPal receipt emails

It’s the holiday spending season so please be aware of scammers trying to take your hard earned cash using PayPal. PLEASE SHARE THIS

You receive an email that looks genuinely from PayPal

According to this email, which appears to be an official payment notification from PayPal, you have sent a payment of £… to ….. The email features the PayPal logo and is set out like a genuine PayPal message.

However, the email is not from PayPal and it is not a genuine receipt for a payment. It is a phishing scam.

Don’t recognize the transaction? Don’t click anything!

The link in the message opens a fake PayPal website designed to steal your PayPal account details and other personal and financial information.


The scam email advises you to click a link if you did not authorize the payment and wish to get a refund. The email also mentions that, to cancel a transaction, you will need to verify your identity and update the information the company has on file. Do not be fooled it’s a trick to steal from you.

Don’t click anything! Always check directly with PayPal

Some people who get this B.S email, might mistakenly believe that their PayPal account has been compromised and be panicked into clicking the link to cancel the transaction as instructed. DON’T!


Follow these Steps

Step 1. – go directly to your account (not using the link) and login.

Step 2. – Check your recent transactions (nothing suspicious or similar to claimed receipt email).

Step 3. – Contact PayPal to check that nothing suspicious has happened in your account. They will help if it has.

‪Be Safe Online.

Thanks for reading and be sure to share with your friends, family and colleagues.

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