Website Threats are Real and Massively on the Increase

WordPress Attack Platform Identified

A group of contributors to the WordPress community have also identified that hackers (not the nice kind) have increased their ferocity and have become armed with a series of sophisticated attack tools.

The new year of 2016 is becoming a year when potential hacks are ever present and we cannot stress enough how it’s ever more important to keep your websites up-to-date with the latest approaches and techniques to mitigate against successful attacks.

Not convinced?

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s where this same group performed a virtual test on what they are calling an “attack platform.”

In summary, (and it is pretty scary!)

The attack platform once fully installed (on your website) provides an attacker with 43 attack tools they can then download and use.

The tools and capabilities this infection provides lets an attacker use an infected WordPress site to further spread their infection locally and to other external sites and services.
An Attack Platform Infecting WordPress Sites by mark (WordFence)

That’s right you will also harm other people and it could come back on you for not taking the right precautions and lets be fair, it’s pretty bad to spread the infection onto others (just think how guilty you feel when you pass on a cold to a loved one).

Please keep your websites up-to-date and use the latest techniques or hire a specialist to help keep your website and others businesses websites protected.

Thank you for reading and please share this with all your business colleagues and friends so they do not get caught out as well.

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