Say Goodbye to the Internet 2015

That’s right, the Internet is going to disappear!

Well, that’s not strictly speaking true. It will still be there (panic over!).

It just wont be there as we currently know it.

We’re already connected to the internet most of the time through our phones using Facebook, Twitter WhatsApp etc, our Web enabled TVs and our computers (Laptops, Tablets etc).

At some point we wont be “going on the Web”, we’ll simply be “in the Web” 24/7 without even knowing it.

According to Eric Schmidt Google’s Executive Chairman, “the Internet will disappear” this was his response to a question at the World Economic Forum in Davos – read more here (Daily Mail).

eric schmidt

Wow that is a huge prediction by Eric Schmidt! but then again is it?

Can you remember the last time you didn’t go online (that includes not using your mobile phone for Facebook, Twitter or Emails etc)?

Or better still do you remember that day you couldn’t get online and how devastated you were (not good)?

Just look at how we are always online. When was the last time someone asked you a question, or where a shop was and you didn’t head over to Google?

I’m sure you’ll agree that maybe this isn’t so much SciFi but reality and that we aren’t so far away after all.

This will have a huge impact on business as we know it, changing the way we advertise and engage customers. Social Media has hugely changed customer behaviour so we have to either keep up or see where its going so we don’t fall behind and lose customers.

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